Walk Your Way to Ideas

Walking is not only good for your health, it’s good for your business.

You probably know the human brain has two hemispheres.  The left side is linear and logical.  It controls language, likes order, and thinks 1,2,3.    The right side is random and creative.  It generates ideas – usually in picture that the left side has to translate into language, likes chaos, recognizes patterns and usually think 1, 12 oh 76!!

Most every person is dominate in one hemishpere or the other. It can be challenging to use the non-dominant hemisphere but the benefits can be substantial.  An idea without a logical sequence of steps for implementation is just an idea.  New products and services have to start with an idea.  That’s where walking comes.

When you walk, the right arm moves with the left leg and vise-versa.  This means that when you walk, both hemisphere’s of the brain are stimulated equally.  This equal stimulation dampens the dominate side and brings you into a more whole brained state where both hemispheres are functioning together.  This lessens the impact of the dominant side of your brain to override the non-dominant hemisphere.  Ideas are formed in the right side and quickly translated into words in the left side.

Walking improves thinking

This makes walking a great way to think about plans, about problems, about yoru business in general.  You may have already had the experience of walking and talking and suddenly realizing you just said something and you don’t know where it came from.  It seems to have just popped into your head. 

Bottom line.  Take a walk at lunch.  It gives you an energizing break, improves your health and you just might find a million dollar idea pop!

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