Help Liberate Time with QR Codes

Can you read this hidden message with your smartphone?

Any time you can make an action simple, fast and easy, you liberate time.

I’m on a campaign to get every business professional to put a QR Code on their business card.  Why? Because I know, from more than 20 years in the organizing business, that one of  THE most consistent problems I see clients struggle with are the stacks of business cards lying dead.  They died waiting for data entry – waiting to be put to work.

A well designed QR code on your business card – even just a separate business card with a sticker that you set aside for this use – will save everyone you meet anyone who has a smart phone and a free bar code reader app. You can immediately transfer your contact information from the business card into the phone’s contact data files ready for syncing to Outlook or whatever contact management software they use.

It’s easy and takes just a minute or two to create and save.   Use a free on-line tool to build your QR code.  There are many websites but I like to us this QR Code generator because you can create many kinds of codes – not just contact information.

Here are all the steps to create one right now – you can have it added to your next printing of cards but why wait? :

  1. Create the qr code using the free qr code generator.
  2. Test your work using the barcode reader app on your smartphone. Just go to your app store and search “barcode scanner” there are lots of free options and this tool also lets you scan barcodes on store products for comparison shopping and much more.
  3. Right click to save it to your computer and give it a file name – I use “QRcontact” as I may create use other QR codes for other purposes.
  4. Use word or any software you want to create a mailing label sticker with the code
  5. Print the sticker.   Attach to your card and off you go.  You can print a bunch and put them on each card if you want.

Join the campaign – pass this on – let’s get everyone to use this simple tool and liberate time for everyone!


  1. Thanks for making such a great and informative blog.

  2. Nice Post. 2011 is going to be the year of the QR Code! Next time you generate your own QR Code, use It is designed for businesses to promote their social networks with QR Codes. You can also create coupons that are sharable on twitter and facebook

  3. Imke says:

    Nice details! I have been seeking something like this for a little bit now. Appreciate it!

  4. Jodi Tripp says:

    Thank you for posting this! I was going to figure out how to do it, and you just liberated some time for me!!!!