Staying Relevant in a Fast Changing World

As a member of the boomer generation, I sometimes feel like the generations behind me are running so fast – changing the world so quickly – that I feel in danger of getting run over and becoming irrelevant. At the same time, I have always been a person who likes to move to the beat of my […]

Impossible Things

You know how sometimes you hear some little thing and it sticks – it resonnates in some way that captures your attention.  Recently, my honey Ron and I got around to enjoying Johnny Depp in Alice In Wonderland. What ”stuck’ for me was a line near both the beginning and end – “think 6 impossible […]

Incremental Innovation vs Radical Change

I toured President Garfield’s home yesterday while in OH and I had that ‘everything-new-is-old-again feeling’.   While touring the library Garfield’s wife Crete (short for Lucretia) set up in their home as a memorial to the assassinated President, our tour guide, Charles, pointed out a desk given to Garfield as a sample.  The craftsman, named Woodson if I heard […]