Finding Wrong or Finding Right?

Why is it so much easier to talk about what went wrong when so many more of them when right?

Do something that creates a bad customer experience and the statistics are that one dissatisfied customer will tell 15 other people about their bad experience.  Create a great customer experience and they might tell 2 other people.

At the end of the day, is your mind filled with what went wrong or what went right?

We humans can have a bad habit of focusing our energy and attention on the negative – what went wrong, what needs to be fixed, what we didn’t get done, who let us down and the like.  I caught myself doing it today.

Want to enjoy every day in business?  Want to get up every morning feeling like you can’t wait to get to work?   Make a new habit.  At the end of the day, take a few moments and list everything that went right.  

Having a less than perfect day?  We feel like we do but most of the time it is just one something.  Take a moment to list what has already gone right and move on.

When something goes wrong, acknowledge it and do something to make it right.

Your customers may not cheer for you, but the confidence and positive outlook that you gain when you make the effort to acknowledge what you’ve done right will keep them coming back every time!

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