The Incredible Shrinking Workspace

Companies are not only rightsizing staff; they are increasingly downsizing workspaces.  A downsizing of your workspace brings on new challenges; especially if you feel your previous space seemed small and overcrowded.  As you work to fit everything in, here are some key ideas to keep in mind:

 All storage space (desk tops, file cabinets, drawers etc.) are little graveyards where useful but no longer used items waste away until someone takes the time to move them on to new homes.  Down sizing your workspace is a great reason to move all these useful but no longer items out of your way.

  1. Ruthlessly apply my frequency of use rules:
  2. Look at under-utilized spaces like walls where you can add shelves or racks – this is especially easy in the cubicle environment where there is a wide range of accessories available.
  3. Vertical storage generally takes up less space than horizontal storage so look at desk top vertical file containers rather that horizontal stacker bins
  4. Horizontal or vertical bins on bookshelves make it easy to keep large projects visible but separate when you have more of them than books.
  5. Look at what you are storing on paper that can be stored as easily in an electronic format.  The set up can take time but if push comes to shove on space it is a great alternative.
  6. Store action related paper – things you have to do –in a desktop systems.  Store information related paper out of sight and only keep information you know you are going to use on a regular basis within reach.
  7. Keep personal items to the corners and outside of the “active work space” so they can be enjoyed but not get in the way.

 Your incredible shrinking workspace is really an opportunity to clean up and clear out and simplify your work environment to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs.  Getting rid of ‘old stuff’ that is weighing you down is a very liberating experience.

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