What Are You Paying Attention To?

So many people have taught me so many things over the years.  I am grateful to everyone of them for everything they have taught me.  One that has been on my mind a lot in this economy is something I first heard from then fellow organizer, now professional artist Gloria Ritter

“What you pay attention to, you give energy to and what you give energy to grows.”

I’ve seen the same wisdom in Native American lore and many other places since Gloria first shared these words with me.  It seems to be a lesson I have to learn over and over again. 

I am trying to remember to pay attention to the bright spots in my business – the things that are going right because that is what I want to grow and expand.  Because you know what?  The reality is that there are always things going right when others are going wrong and things going wrong when most are going right.  I get to choose which I pay attention to.

But why do I have to consciously remind myself to look and keep looking?  Partly because the news is so focused on what is wrong, how bad the economy is, how many people are struggling.  It’s like giving us permission to struggle.  It is so hard to tune it out when it is daily conversation for just about everyone.  What it is about human nature that we will always share what is wrong or bad and almost never share what went well or is good?

I would much rather pay attention, give energy and grow all the wonderful things in this life.  How about you? Do you have a bright spot you need to give some attention and energy to so it can grow?

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