1 Way to Simplify

I was visiting a companion I Take the Lead group earlier this week.  Also in attendance was Dr. Sean Harry who taught the class where I learned how to blog – I highly recommend it. During conversation he joked that I should blog about 76 Ways to Simplify Your Life.   Silly of course, but it did give me the idea to write the simplest of all how-to-lists.  So, here is one way to simplify your personal and work life.

 Whenever you are faced with a task or project, ask yourself how you would do it if it had to be done in an hour.  Parkinsons’ Law states that things expand to fill the space available and the same is true of our planning and ideas.  By first drastically reducing the time, you will focus in on the critical actions and short cuts.  As long as the objectives are met, the short cut is as good as the long road but uses a lot less time and fewer resources which equals simpler.  Just like this post! :>)

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