When You HAVE To See Your Stuff

For some, seeing is doing

A lot of people still subscribe to the idea that being organized means ‘pulling a Felix Unger’.  The popular Odd Couple character was the fussy one that had to have everything clean, put away and in order.  Felix was not organized – he was a neatnik.

Being organized is not about the ‘stuff’ – it about how you think, relate and exchange energy with the ‘stuff.’  It’s about the flow of energy and the movement to – through – and out of your life.

For some people, that does mean having a clean clear work space with just one project at time out and visible.  But for others, it does mean being able to see their ‘stuff’.  Both can be organized but it is done differently.

If you someone who HAS to see their stuff, you need to be careful about is just how much you keep visible.  Just about everyone I know is trying to do too much – they have too many to-do items.  It leads to overwhelm – whether it takes shape as a daunting list or tipsy pile.

If you are someone who just ‘has’ to see your ‘stuff’ you still need to be selective. Organize to your natural working style.   Use tables instead of desks.  Use shelves, bins and clear containers rather than drawers and cupboards.

You need still need to separate by priority and deadlines – you just use different containers.

You are still limited by time so don’t just add to a pile – decide how much time and when you will do it.  Let your containers and piles represent something other that just a pile.

So what’s your style?

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