Get Moving – Strategy #1 – The 5 Whys

Sometimes I tell myself I am going to do an activity and I don’t.  No matter how strong my interest or commitment, I just can’t seem to get started. Whether it is about eating healthy, spending wisely or doing an important project I know will benefit my business there is a deep, unspoken resistance below my conscious commitment that is blocking me. Before I can move ahead I need to know what the block is so I can make a solid decision that whatever is blocking me is either a valid reason, a problem that has a solution or just an unfounded fear.

I use a process called the 5 Why’s that I first came across as a Japanese management technique used to get to the core of a problem.  The process is pretty simple – you ask yourself a why question, write the answer and then reframe that answer into a new why question.  You repeat asking and answering a why question 5 times.  To illustrate, here is one of my 5 why processes – in this case, it was a business process to help me get beyond a block about setting a strategic vision for my company:

1 – Why can’t I define a stategic vision for my company when I know intellectually I need one a a focus?

Because I can’t tie organizing to a passion – I like to teach , help and find solutions for my clients but the use of the word ‘passion’ is a hang up

2 – Why is the use of word ‘passion’ a hang up?

Because I don’t know or experience feelings in a way – to a depth – that the word ‘passion’ implies.

3) Why don’t I experience – or think I don’t experience – feelings in a deep way?

Because I don’t think it is natural for me – I don’t think I ever have and I don’t believe everyone necessarily does experience feelings deeply.

4. Why do I think it is not natural to feel deeply for me?

Because the world is not an all or nothing proposition. Every quality is on a continuum and it’s OK to be any where on the continuum

5. Why is it OK to be anywhere on the continuum?

Because, it is simply just one of many qualities and characteristics of who I am. I am enough just as I am.  I am worthy of love and connection just as I am.  It is OK to redefine passion or use another word to move ahead.

Having reached the end of the process, I used a thesaurus to find other words for passion.  ‘Enthusiasm’ and ‘excitement’ were two options that I did associate with me personally and the work I do.  I get excited when I help a client with a breakthrough. I have a lot of enthusiasm for teaching and helping my clients get untangled, unstuck and de-cluttered.  Ah-ha!  Now I can move ahead.

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