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Speaker, Author, Time Liberator - Susan Lannis

Susan Lannis speaker, author, time liberator

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When Time Management Systems Fail

Life is a Pie Chart, Not a To-Do List

Over my 20+ years in business, I have liberated more time management systems from dusty shelves than I can count. It made me ask Why?  Even the new electronic and on-line tools are failing too many people, leaving a sense that the problem is with the person not the tool. 

I believe it is the tool, not you. 

The whole idea that we can manage time is somewhat misleading.  We don't manage it, or save it, or create it - it just keeps moving in a continuous stream.  We can only make choices of how we want to use and allocate it.  In this session, we start with a pie chart, show you some time realities, give you a new perspective for viewing time and a technique for making smarter choices about time usage so you get the most important work done and pare your to-do list for a balanced life.

Next Webinar - June, 29, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. PST - 12:00 (noon) p.m. EST

Cost:  $45

Thurs. 06/29/10 at 9:00 am PST

Additional Dates - To Be Announced

Along with the webinar access information you'll receive...

    Plus #1  a handout for taking notes prior to the webinar 

    Plus #2  after the class you'll receive a full transcript of the presentation

    Plus # 3 after the webinar, an additional report at no charge "5 Ways to Say 'No' in a Positive Way"

Can't make the date?

If you can't attend at this time and date, let me know and I will keep you updated on future dates and times of this webinar.  Feel free to include the best day and time for you.

If you live in the Portland, OR area and prefer learning face-to-face, let me know and I will keep you updated on public presentation events.

If you prefer a teleclass (audio only) let me know and I will keep you updated on the teleclass schedule.

If you'd like to buy the recording and transcript let me know and I will let you know when they are available for sale.


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