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Speaker, Author, Time Liberator - Susan Lannis

Susan Lannis speaker, author, time liberator

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Business Think Camp ™

Business Think Camp™ is a flexible program that can be done in-house or off-site and it can be done as a 2-3 day retreat or done in stages over a couple of weeks or months.  Made of up 4 pieces - creating F.L.O.W. - the overall program is designed to help company leaders use future awareness to develop a workable plan for evolving the business and operate at the speed of change.

Key Benefits

bulletLearn and use future awareness to build a pool of business development ideas
bulletLearn and use facilitated thinking to develop selected ideas
bulletWrite a prioritized plan with deadlines and accountabilities to complete the plan
bulletAnalyze and restructure leadership workflow to accommodate working the plan

Features and Outcomes - creating F.L.O.W.™

Future Awareness Building

bulletLeaders look up and ahead - outside of daily work - by using tools to build future awareness.  This new future awareness is then used for inspiration and ideas for brainstorming possible growth and innovation to build a pool of ideas for growing the company now and in the future.  From the pool of ideas, a list of prioritized ideas will be developed further and the rest will be saved for future consideration.

Leverage Resources

bulletUsing Facilitated Thinking™, the participants work through all the methods and resources needed - people (staff, customers, vendors, flexible partnerships), technical and non-technical - for the ideas chosen to be developed and to further refine the list of ideas to pursue.

Opportunities to Realize

bulletUsing Facilitated Thinking™, action steps are outlined and prioritized, resources are allocated, accountabilities are determined and deadlines are established in a strategic implementation document that will be used to initiate changes and track results as the plan is implemented.

Work Time Reallocation

bulletWith a clear plan in hand, we work one-on-one with the leaders to figure out what changes will be needed to readjust their work assignments - deciding what must be dropped, delegated or postponed to give them the time they need to effectively work the plan.  Once these changes are all pulled together, everyone signs off and begins work with a clear set of directions and priorities.

Contact Susan with questions or to book a Business Think Camp™ package.

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