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Speaker, Author, Time Liberator - Susan Lannis

Susan Lannis speaker, author, time liberator

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In the information age, it is what you know and how you know it. This is what I know.

I know that the world is changing faster than ever. Old models for measuring business success, economics and many other business measurement tools are rapidly becoming outdated.  I know that demands on our time are increasing, the volume of information is exploding and that it is more challenging that it has ever been to find and keep a focus while evolving just about every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

l know this by observing my own life and well as the in the lives of my clients. I also study it because I know that my Unique Abilities mean I have a role to play in helping company leaders evolve and thrive in this climate of rapid change.

I know that trying is more fun than not trying.  I know the right combination of preparation, materials and effort make the difference between success and trying.  I know that you can build on success when you evaluate outcomes and make adjustments. I know that I like helping things grow, whether it is plants, animals, people or companies. 

I learned these through experience.  As a little girl, I was curious when I noticed some mustard seed in my Mom’s spice cabinet.  I asked my Mom if those seeds would grow.  She answered that she didn’t think so because they were pretty old and dried but I could try.  I scooped some dirt into some empty chicken pot pie pans and planted a few. I put them in the sun along the back wall of our rental home and watered them as diligently as a six year old can.  Some I over watered and drowned, some I didn’t water enough and nothing happened but some I watered just right.  Sure enough, with the right care and attention some grew.  I tried the oregano but nothing happened.  I tried the celery seed, paid more attention to the watering and watched them grow.

I know we live in a multi-dimensional world and looking at as many sides of issues and situations improves decision making, builds creativity, yields richer experiences and can help you stand out in the crowd.  I know there is always an option no matter what obstacle you are facing. 

I learned these through experience.  As a first grader, I was already making conscious choices to look for new angles or perspectives.  When faced with writing sentences with new words, I would look for alternate meanings.  When the word was ‘chest’ and everyone else was writing “I put my ball/doll in my toy chest.” – pretty much an object change from the Miss Carpino’s sample sentence about a toy chest, I decided to use the other meaning.  I was going to write “My Dad has hair/hare(?) on his chest.”  But, I couldn’t remember which spelling was the right word so I changed my sentence to “My Mom has two big lumps on her chest.”

I know that many things, especially routine things can by systemized.  I learned this studying various sciences during high schools and college.  I know you can design filing systems that really work – I learned the strategy studying plant identification.  I know, with some planning, you can find simpler, easier ways to get things done.  I learned this to make room in my own life for work, relationships, hobbies and activities and down time because while I may be way past six years old – I still like trying new things.  I know that most small and micro businesses do succeed.  I learned it through small business management classes, on-going reading of relevant business books from the best thinkers and leaders in industry, continuing education and voluntary leadership in my own industry and through the personal experience of evolving and growing my own business.

I know that in a fast changing world, learning never ends.  I read 1-2 business success oriented books every month, build my own future awareness on a regular basis and I use this awareness to think about ideas for making my business better, stronger and viable in a fast changing world.

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