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About Susan

Speaker, Author, Time Liberator - Susan Lannis

Susan Lannis speaker, author, time liberator

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Since 1987, Susan Lannis, Professional Organizer and Time Liberation Agent, has been helping businesses succeed - whether through workspace design, education or helping company leaders Liberate Time to Think and Space to Act

Why do business with OPI?  Here's a compilation of what my client's say are the top three reasons:

  1. A mastery level knowledge from more than 20 years of skill and knowledge building in my area of expertise - organization and productivity.
  2. Creativity and innovation - every system is custom designed to match each client's natural work style and skill set.
  3. Total focus on achieving results for each client - a partner and mentor in each client's success.


Here's a bit about who Susan is and how she does it:

Unique Abilities - Each of us has been given certain talents.  This is a list of some of mine that I have honed and developed with insights on how my unique abilities can help you.


What I Know and How I Know It- In the information age, these two critical elements determine who you want to work with and who you think can help. While not an exhaustive list - here are some of the key pieces you might want to know before you decide to work with me.


Partial Client List and Client Comments - I have worked with every kind of business, non-profit and government entity over the last 20+ years.  Here is a short list and a few comments that might help you in your decision to choose my firm to help you Liberate Time to Think and Space to Act.


Susan Lannis, Professional Organizer - Biography - For those that want to know 'just the facts' here's my resume and background information.



My information has been featured on radio, television and in books, newspapers, association newsletters and national magazines.  Some have been interviews by professional writers and some have been my own writing.  Google my name to find hits all over the internet.  While they are not all me - ones connected to Y2K, NAPO, Toastmaster, theme years and my own firm are definitely me.

bulletClackamas County Review
bulletIndependent Business Magazine
bulletHome Based Business News

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